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JP-S5832073-A: Sintered body patent, JP-S5833283-A: Current position indicator for moving object patent, JP-S5833988-A: Brushless dc motor patent, JP-S5845523-A: Photometric circuit patent, JP-S5850231-A: Construction of concrete building patent, JP-S5853533-A: Automatic standing up device of gate for gate lifter patent, JP-S5865200-A: Garment presser patent, JP-S5868109-A: Programmable sequential controller with function expansibility patent, JP-S5868767-A: Developing device patent, JP-S5881271-A: Mechanical seal assembled body patent, JP-S5887196-A: Matte-finishing thin film type parting agent for use in molding of fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin article patent, JP-S5889389-A: Paper feed mechanism patent, JP-S589189-A: Magnetic invertion display equipment patent, JP-S5893423-A: Digital protecting relay unit patent, JP-S59100614-A: Flip-flop circuit patent, JP-S59105263-A: Enclosed lead-acid battery patent, JP-S59105801-A: Apparatus for rapidly preparing distilled liquid patent, JP-S59106617-A: Curtain grout work patent, JP-S59113750-A: Axial air gap induction motor patent, JP-S59125829-A: Net wind-up roller apparatus patent, JP-S59134211-A: Automatic dust remover patent, JP-S59134213-A: Automatic rising and falling device for rubber falling dam patent, JP-S5913544-A: Inorganic self-curing molding sand patent, JP-S59141941-A: Apparatus for storing dental instruments patent, JP-S59153500-A: Controller for pulse motor patent, JP-S5915937-A: Paper feed mechanism of photograph processing system device patent, JP-S59160420-A: Electric cooking plate patent, JP-S59163771-A: Manifold mounting device for fuel cell patent, JP-S59167897-A: Sense amplifier circuit patent, JP-S59168078-A: Edible transfer printing ink patent, JP-S59170332-A: Manufacture of boom patent, JP-S59172696-A: Voice pattern analogy computing system patent, JP-S59176131-A: Oxygen content measuring device for powdery granule transport car patent, JP-S591821-A: Control method for automatic clutch patent, JP-S59182293-A: Equipment for continuous growth of silicon crystal ribbon patent, JP-S59183603-A: Hydraulic controller of tractor patent, JP-S5918372-A: Drying furnace for sludge patent, JP-S59187835-A: Spongy rubber extruded product and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S59188808-A: Tape recorder patent, JP-S59194651-A: Fan mounting structure of ac generator for vehicle patent, JP-S59196419-A: Apparatus for measuring deformation of ground patent, JP-S59196809-A: Hair cosmetic composition patent, JP-S59199789-A: Method for controlling air flow rate in combustion chamber of coke oven patent, JP-S59199912-A: Pile head treater for on-site pile patent, JP-S59211973-A: Surface treatment method of catalyst patent, JP-S59214560-A: Grinding/polishing machine patent, JP-S59215443-A: Electrical contact material patent, JP-S5921751-A: Prevention of stop step in loom patent, JP-S59217886-A: Blind shutter patent, JP-S59222424-A: Remedy for disease of neuropathy patent, JP-S59223851-A: Controller for automation of factory patent, JP-S59224306-A: Manufacture of ceramic part patent, JP-S59229706-A: Reproducer and recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S592310-A: Manufacture of wound core patent, JP-S5924676-A: Apparatus for removing air bubble of ink jet printer patent, JP-S5928832-A: Method of detecting partial discharge patent, JP-S592947-A: Rearward monitor for vehicle patent, JP-S594179-A: Amorphous solar battery patent, JP-S5945486-A: Display panel patent, JP-S5949499-A: Heat exchanger made of brazed aluminum alloy patent, JP-S59500346-A: patent, JP-S5956244-A: Tape recorder patent, JP-S5959782-A: Refrigerant patent, JP-S596113-A: Hot-water supply device for engine driven air-conditioner patent, JP-S5965616-A: Sliding member having self-lubricating properties patent, JP-S5966450-A: Thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-S5973734-A: Automatic liquid weighing device patent, JP-S5974761-A: Automatic dialing device patent, JP-S597621-A: Shapes rotary feeder and mixing chamber for pneumatic transporter patent, JP-S5981488-A: Drying system by refrigerator and heat exchanger patent, JP-S5982189-A: Welding wire for submerged arc welding of cr-mo low alloy steel patent, JP-S5989240-A: Armrest cover for door panel of automobile and method and device for manufacturing said armrest cover patent, JP-S5989465-A: Thyristor with turning off capacity patent, JP-S5989755-A: One side hot dipping method of steel strip patent, JP-S5997069-A: Ultrasonic car height measuring apparatus patent, JP-S5999302-A: Liquid pressure engine patent, JP-S60109080-A: Tape cassette patent, JP-S60110944-A: Imparting of slub yarn mode to acryl spun yarn by heat treatment and slub-like acryl spun yarn patent, JP-S60113875-A: Pinch valve patent, JP-S60116895-A: Vacuum pump patent, JP-S60124797-A: Electronic cash register patent, JP-S60124954-A: Transistor patent, JP-S60125052-A: Power supply system of customer station controller patent, JP-S60125476-A: Emergency cutoff device patent, JP-S60129182-A: Method for preventing biological fault of service and waste water system patent, JP-S60132841-A: Method and apparatus for landing chip patent, JP-S60134091-A: Method and apparatus for separating light impurities patent, JP-S60139725-A: Pressure-sensitive electroconductive porous membrane patent, JP-S60143527-A: Mounting post for holding light source in pushbutton switch patent, JP-S6015130-A: Bonding tool for slender material patent, JP-S60152431-A: Production of aromatic dialcohol patent, JP-S60153209-A: Amplifier circuit patent, JP-S60161384-A: Metallization of carbide ceramic surface patent, JP-S6016264-A: Solar water heater patent, JP-S60163661-A: Hot water recirculation type sauna bath apparatus patent, JP-S60171699-A: Programmable/monolithic integrated circuit patent, JP-S60172455-A: Grinding for crankshaft patent, JP-S60176470-A: Drive system of vibration wave motor patent, JP-S60179123-A: Method and apparatus for desulfurization and denitration of flue gas by electron irradiation patent, JP-S60180974-A: Heat insulating slate patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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