Cellulose derivative, process for preparing the same and sulfur dioxide gas permselective membrane comprising the same

Derive de la cellulose; methode de preparation et membrane a base de ce derive, offrant une permeation selective pour le dioxyde de soufre


ABSTRACT Hydrocarbysulfinylethyl cellulose represented by the formula (I): (I) wherein, X may be the same or different and represents hydrogen atom or hydrocarbylsulfinylethyl group represented by the formula (II): (II) wherein, R may be the same or different and represents an alkyl group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms or a phenyl group, with the average substitution degree with the hydrocarbylsulfinylethyl group of the formula (II) per glucose unit being at least 0.05, and sulfur dioxide gas permeation membrane comprising said cellulose derivative. This membrane is excellent in sulfur dioxide gas permselectivity.




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