Middle-ear prosthesis

Prothese pour l'oreille moyenne


MIDDLE-EAR PROSTHESIS ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The invention relates to a medical prosthesis. This is a middle-ear prosthesis (16) provided with a means (23) of fastening to the tympanic frame (24), a flexible suspension means (22), and a means of transmitting sound between the tympanic membrane (3) and the oval window, the transmission means comprising an arm (17) representing the malleus (4) and connected to a second arm (19) representing the incus (6) and connected to the stapes (8) or to a columella (21) representing it. The suspension to the tympanic frame (24) ensures better compliance and the independent articula-tion to the tympanic membrane (3), on the one hand, and to the base (10) of the stapes (8), on the other hand, effects a diminution of impedance, thus giving better transmission of sound between the external ear and the inner ear.




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