Plant growing media

Agent promoteur de croissance pour plantes


Abstract: A growing medium for plants is prepared by mixing a growing material with a highly water-absorbent polymer. The polymer is an acrylamide polymer cross-linked with methylene bisacrylamide which absorbs water to form a sticky gel. The polymer may be supplemented with an additive. The additive is applied in aqueous medium to particles of the polymer so that the medium is absorbed. Water is then removed by drying to give loose particles of supplemented polymeric substance which can be mixed with a growing material such as soil or sand. The additive may be a colouring agent for identification purposes or a plant nutrient or a bacterial strain for soil conditioning. The polymer can also be mixed with a growing material comprising fibres derived from palm nuts such as coir fibres. A further additive which can be incorporated in the polymer is a pheromone.




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