Mecanisme elevateur pour fauteuils de personnes handicapees

Wheelchair passenger device


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A device for transporting and for carrying from one elevation to another, persons in wheelchairs or persons otherwise requiring assistance. The device comprises a frame supported on wheels, an engine supported on the frame to drive the wheels and steering means to turn the wheels for manoeuvering the frame. The frame supports a cab which is vertically movable with respect thereto. The cab has a space within to hold at least one person and has doors on its front. Movable support means connect the cab to the frame, the support means being operable to move the cab from the level of the frame to a position elevated with respect thereto. A platform is outwardly extendable from the cab forwardly from the bottom of the doors to provide a bridge between the cab and another location, to support a person being moved from the cab to such other location. Means are provided to maintain a floor of the cab and the platform in horizontal orientation while the cab is moved to said elevated position. Means are also provided to move the movable support means to cause the cab to move between its base level to said elevated position.




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