Horseshoe, especially for trotting horses

Feu a cheval pour le trot


ABSTRACT A horseshoe especially for the hooves of the forelegs of trotting horses consists of a thin plate member of resiliently bendable plastic, on which there are two thickened areas, viz. an outer, arched area along the front half of the shoe, and a rear triangular area , these two areas being connected through partial areas of the thin plate member . The arched area which is held nailed onto the rim of the hoof is provided with only partially through-going transverse grooves which provide for a good set-off and leave longitudinal ribs which stiffen the shoe in its longitudinal direction. Compared to known shoes, it is crucial that the triangular area which covers the so-called hoof frog be able to effect blood-pumping relative movements, and that the collateral cartilage areas of the hoof will be covered by the thin plate material which will not exert any high permanent pressure against these areas. The shoe is shaped thus smooth that it cannot be braked at the impact. The horseshoe, which may be produced as a light- weight shoe will hereby be very effective while being extremely gentle to the hoof.




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