Fluidized bed reactor having an integrated recycle heat exchanger

Reacteur a lit fluidise a recuperateur de chaleur incorpore


FLUIDIZED BED REACTOR HAVING AN INTEGRATED RECYCLE HEAT EXCHANGER Abstract of the Disclosure A fluidized bed reactor in which a recycle heat exchanger is located adjacent the furnace of the reactor with each enclosing a fluidized bed and sharing a common wall including a plurality of water tubes. A mixture of flue gases and entrained particulate materials from the fluidized bed in the furnace are separated and the flue gases are passed to a heat recovery area and the separated particulate material to the fluidized bed in the recycle heat exchanger. The bed materials in the fluidized bed in the recycle heat exchanger are passed to the fluidized bed in the furnace. Steam is generated, superheated and reheated in the heat exchange surfaces, including water wall tubes, in the furnace, the recycle heat exchanger, and the heat recovery area.




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