Procede pour la production de polyphosphazenes lineaires

Process for the production of linear polyphosphazenes


ABSTRACT OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method of preparing linear polyphosphazene polymers by direct synthesis under anhydrous conditions from NH4C1 and at least one chlorophosporous compound selected from the group consisting of PO15, XPC14, or X2PO13 wherein X is one or more substitutents selected from the group consisting of C6H5-, C6H4C1-, C6H4F-, C6H4Br-, C6H2C13-, C6F5-, C6H4CF3-, C6H4NO2-, C13C-, F3C-, F5C2-, F7C3- or HC2F4-. Each of these compounds may be prepared in situ in a reactor. The instant process controls the pressure in the reactor through continuous venting of by-product HC1 at elevated pressures. The instant invention also utilizes an excess of of reactive solvent such as PC13, XPC12 or X2PC1 as X is defined above.




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