High speed shutter for a laser beam

Obturateur a haute vitesse pour rayon laser


Abstract of the Disclosure A shutter mechanism having an electromagnet and a flexible ferromagnetic blade mounted in narrow V-shaped relationship to one another at an end opposite from a light source, with a light path passing between the two. The electromagnet has a cylindrical core with a length-wise slice defining poles and a toroidal wire winding about the core. When the magnet is activated, the free end of the blade flexes toward the poles completing the magnetic circuit, and either opening or closing the shutter. In a normally open embodiment, the light path passes between the magnetic poles, and the blade, normal-ly parallel to the beam path, flexes downward to block the beam. In a normally closed embodiment, when the blade flexes the light path passes through a slot in a backup plate against which the blade normally rests. The normally closed embodiment includes a light absorptive tongue between the poles which combines with the reflec-tive blade to define a light trap. In the normally open embodiment, the blade combines with a light absorptive slotless backup plate to define the light trap.




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