Pivotal adapter for bipods and attachment therefor

Adapteur a pivot pour support bipied, et fixations connexe


A pivotal adapter includes a mounting bracket adapter for attachment to a bipod bracket pivotally attached to a base adapted for attachment to a firearm. A spring assembly is included to provide biased engagement between the mounting bracket and the base. The spring assembly biases against pivotal movement between the mounting bracket and the base for inhibiting unintended pivoting and rattling of the mounting bracket. A mounting assembly for removable attachment of a bipod to a firearm includes a base for cradling of the forestock of a firearm. A strap releasably attaches the base to a firearm by encircling of the firearm. A clamping assembly allows the strap to clampingly engage the firearm. A bipod adapter for attaching a bipod to, a semi-automatic firearm includes an adapter base which is associated with the firearm in a generally perpendicular manner. A portion of the adapter base engages the barrel for inhibiting rotational movement of the bipod adapter. A fastener fastens the adapter base against the fore-end block of the firearm. A bipod may be attached to a flange portion of the bipod adapter.




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