Polyester a base de cristaux liquides cholesteriques renfermant un groupement optiquement actif

Cholesteric liquid crystal polyester containing optically active group


A cholesteric liquid crystal polyester containing an optically active group, constituted of the structural units: (A) -O-Ar-CO- where Ar is a bivalent aromatic ring having 6 to 12 carbons; (B) where the mark * denotes optical activity; (C) -O-R1-O-; (D) -CO-R2-CO-; where R1 and R2 each represent a bi-valent aromatic ring having 6 to 18 carbons, a bivalent aliphatic chain having 2 to 16 carbons, or a bivalent alicyclic ring having 6 to 18 carbons. The liquid crystal polyester comprises 20 to 90 mole % of (A), 5 to 40 mole % of (B), 5 to 40 moles % of (C), and 0 to 30 mole % of (D), and has a reduced viscosity of not less than 0.2 dl/g at a temperature of 60°C at a concentration of 0.5 g/dl in a mixed solvent of phenol/tetrachloro-ethane (60/40 by weight). Such a liquid crystal polyester is moldable in a molten state, has high strength and high modulus of elasticity, exhibits less mechanical anisotropy, and exhibits selective reflection in the visible light region under a certain condition.




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