Prothese articulaire pour orteils

Toe implant


TOE IMPLANT ABSTRACT The invention provides an improved prosthetic toe joint adapted for replacement of a human toe joint which includes at least one one-piece member for implantation into the bone of the joint. The implant has a concave articulating surface which articulates against another one-piece component having a mating convex surface or against a mating convex bone surface. This one part component is provided with a flexible hinge section at the junction of its stem and the enlarged head portions. The hinge section is formed from a section of the stem which extends laterally outwardly on both sides of the stem portion adjacent the junction with the head. The laterally enlarged section is provided with a longitudinal channel extending through its midsection to form a hinge. Each of the one-piece components is preferably molded of a flexible elastomeric, physiologically inert material, for example, medical grade silicone rubber.




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