Pieu de fondation cylindrique visse a vis amovible

Cylindrical foundation support drivable into ground with removable helix


ABSTRACT A combined foundation earth anchor and installation unit includes a cylindrical foundation support which is open at opposite ends and adapted to at least partially be embedded in the ground, an installation drive component removably positioned within the support and provided with an element extending longitudinally through the support and projecting outwardly from one end thereof, and a connector for releasably coupling the installation drive component to the support, so that upon rotational movement of the drive component, the support is rotated therewith. The installation drive component includes a drive helix on the end of the element which projects outwardly from one end of the support, so that upon application of a rotational force to the assembled foundation support and drive component, while a downward force is applied to such assembly, the drive helix causes the support and drive assembly to be pulled into the ground. The installation drive component element which extends outwardly from one end of the support has a guide structure which is engagable with the support for maintaining axial alignment between the support and the drive component during installation. The guide structure cooperates with the drive helix to cause the foundation and drive component assembly to be drawn into the ground during the application of rotational force to the support and drive component assembly. When the support has been driven into the ground to the desired level, the drive component may be disconnected from the support and removed by reverse rotation thereof, leaving the foundation support in the ground. A method of at least partially embedding an open-ended cylindrical earth anchor in the ground is also disclosed.




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