Methode et appareil de generation simultanee de signaux audionumeriques et de musique electronique midi

Method and apparatus for simultaneous output of digital audio and midi synthesized music


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULTANEOUS OUTPUT OF DIGITAL AUDIO AND MIDI SYNTHESIZED MUSIC A method and apparatus are disclosed for simultaneously outputting digital audio and MIDI synthesized music utilizing a single digital signal processor. The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) permits music to be recorded and/or synthesized utilizing a data file containing multiple serially listed program status messages and matching note on and note off messages. In contrast, digital audio is generally merely compressed, utilizing a suitable data compression technique, and recorded. The audio content of such a digital recording may then be restored by decompressing the recorded data and converting that data utilizing a digital-to-analog convertor. The method and apparatus of the present invention selectively and alternatively couples portions of a compressed digital audio file and a MIDI file to a single digital signal processor which alternately decompresses the digital audio file and implements a MIDI synthesizer. Decompressed audio and MIDI synthesized music are then alternately coupled to two separate buffers. The contents of these buffers are then additively mixed and coupled through a digital-to-analog convertor to an audio output device to create an output having concurrent digital audio and MIDI synthesized music.




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