Appareil d'electrodeposition de metal

Apparatus for electrodepostiing metal


ABSTRACT An apparatus for electrodeposition of metal comprising an anode assembly and a moving cathode having a plating surface. The anode assembly and the cathode are spaced apart a predetermined distance to define an interelectrode gap therebetween. The anode assembly is comprised of an anode cradle having a non-conductive surface of a predetermined contour facing the cathode, and a plurality of deformable metallic anodes of general uniform thickness. The anodes have a configuration which nearly conforms to the contour of the non-conductive surface of the anode cradle. The deformable anodes are secured to the anode cradle such that the anodes are deformed into mating engagement with the non-conductive surface of the anode cradle to conform to the predetermined contour thereof. Means are provided for connecting the anodes to a source of electrical power.




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