Fermeture a double usage

Dual purpose closure


Abstract The invention illustrated comprises a container I of any suitable cross section but, in the form shown,is a cylinder.The container I is closed at the top but for an apeture 2,which may be relocated as required,through which the dental floss 3,of whatever quantity,quality or description,is drawn.Item 4 is a cutting/holding device.The bottom of the container I is closed either by mating device 5 in the case of a tube type toothpaste container/dispenser or a flat plate 6 in the case of a pump type toothpaste container/dispenser,the container I having been lengthened 7 to allow mating to a pump type toothpaste container/dispenser.Mating devices 5 and 7 may be either of scew on or press fit construction. Item 8 is a cover,either screw on or press fit,to pro-tect the dental floss 3.A braking device (not shown) may be incorporated if desired.




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