Engine block heater


An engine block heater is for an engine block having passage walls which define a fluid passage. The engine block has a heater socket which extends from the outer surface of the engine block toward its interior. The heater socket is separated from the fluid passage by the passage walls. The cartridge heater comprises a heater housing having an exterior heating surface. The exterior surface has substantially the same shape as the heater socket enabling insertion of the heater housing into the heater socket and substantial heat transfer contact between a substantial portion of the exterior heating surface and the heater socket. A connector mounting is attached to the heater housing. The connector mounting is adapted for connection to an electrical power source. The heater housing has a heating element therein which can be heated by electrical connection of the electrical power source to the connector mounting enabling the heater housing to transfer heat to the engine block. A quick-release fastener is attached to the heater housing for releasable connection of the heater housing to the outer surface of the engine block.




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