Sharing fun table

Table de partage des loisirs


ABSTRACT What is it? A multipurpose table, movable, ordely, creative that can be used and enjoyed by children as well as adults and elderly. What it does? -The "SHARING FUN TABLE" will keep the children busy working on a Lego or Duplo project for hours. -To use the table for a different purpose, simply add a top that will suit the game that is going to be played. -The "SHARING FUN TABLE" can be used to: -play Lego blocks; -play Duplo blocks; -play chess or checkers; -construction games ex: Mecano Brio; -play boardgames; -blackboard can be added to it; -children can eat at it. -Easy to move from room to room, being on casters. -Safe for everybody, haaving brakes on two casters. -Foldable legs, makes it easy to store, not much space required. more ideas to come. How it works? The table comes with Lego sheets glued and sealed on top, it is easy to use for this purpose. -First unfold the legs (large table) -Move the table where it is needed; -Use the table as is or with additional top; -When finished, the game can be left on the table until next time, or the legs can be folded and the table put away.




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