Speedy - super fast battery charger

Chargeur de batteries ultra-rapide


This invention applies a varying voltage current methodology which restores the battery's voltage exponetially and produces fascinating results. It does not only outperform the conventional chargers in terms of charging speed (under most conditions charging time is from a few minutes to within half an hour) but is also safely applicable to various type of batteries including Nickel Cadmium, Alkaline, Zinc Carbon and Lithium, thus capable to extend an otherwise non rechargeable battery's life from a few times to over ten times. This super charger package is composed of an insulated plastic exterior box, a power transformer and a printed circuit board with the following major components: - Relay - A Current Limiting Capacitor Design Charging Circuitry - An Electronic Control Circuitry - LED Indicators Due to the fact that there are no heat dissipating components involved in the charging circuitry, the design has the ability to achieve high power efficiency.




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