Tire with reduced bead mass

Pneu a masse de talon reduite


The radial pneumatic tire of this invention has a reduced bead mass and improved rolling resistance. This is accomplished with less than a 5 percent reduction in the ability of the tire to sustain nominal loads and maintain tire endurance. The bead area has a profiled bead filler that extends radially outward from the apex portion with an essentially constant thickness portion and a tapered portion. An outer filler strip extends from a point radially inward of the rim flange near the bead core radially outward to a position near the mid height of the tire. The end result is a tire with smaller standard architectural components but very efficient load supporting and endurance capabilities. In one embodiment the outer filler strip extends radially outward beyond the radial extent of the bead filler. In an equally effective embodiment the bead filler extends radially outward beyond the radial extent of the outer filler strip. The total bead mass is reduced by as much as 15 percent and rolling resistance is reduced by as much as 5 percent for the reduced bead mass tire of this invention.




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