Aerosol spray container valve - has additional opening of tenth of dia. of base opening in valve housing near base opening


The aerosol spray can valve has an additional lateral opening in the valve housing near the base opening. The ratio of dia. of the additional opening to that of the base opening is 1:7 to 1:15, and the additional opening has a dia. of 0.1-0.3 mm. The dia. ratio is pref. 1:9-1:11, esp. 1:10, and the lateral opening has a dia. of 0.2 mm. Spray properties are improved. More partic., the valve is connected to a usual type of aerosol can by a valve plate and a seal. The valve housing receives the valve cone with the spring. At the base opening of the housing, the valve merges into the valve riser pipe. The valve housing has the additional opening.




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