Developing device


PURPOSE:To develop good image of high image density and low density of ground texture without the need for adjustment of a developing gap by winding a belt-like recording medium formed thereon with electrostatic latent images on a part of a developing roll which supplies a toner and developing the recording medium. CONSTITUTION:Since this device is so arranged as to develop a recording medium 7 by winding the same on a part of a sleeve 2 of a developing roll, a larger nip width can be taken and the changes for contacting of the surface of the medium 7 with the toner 9 supplied by the developing roll increase, whereby the image of high picture density free from any photographic fog in the ground texture are obtained. Since the nip width is large, there is no need for increasing the number of revolutions of the developing roll. The adjustment of a doctor blade 3 is easy as well.




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