Matte-finishing thin film type parting agent for use in molding of fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin article


PURPOSE: To provide the titled parting agent capable of efficiently producing the titled article having a uniform, beautiful matte surface, by adding talc or aluminum hydroxide powder to a parting agent soln. composed mainly of polyvinyl alcohol. CONSTITUTION: Talc having a particle size of 0.1W500μ is added to a parting agent soln. composed mainly of polyvinyl alcohol, carboxymethylcellulose, alginate or primary cellulose acetate to form a matte-finishing thin film type parting agent. In the production of fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin moldings, a mold treated with a lubricant type parting agent is uniformly coated with the above parting agent. A fiber and a thermosetting resin are laminated thereon, and cured by a conventional method. The parting agent deposited on the surface of the resulting molding is removed by washing it with water to obtain a molding having a matte surface. COPYRIGHT: (C)1983,JPO&Japio




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