Paper feed mechanism


PURPOSE:To send out either of perforated papers and usual papers without slackening at equal pitches by increasing the number of turning times of a paper feed roller for perforated papers in a paper feed mechanism provided with a friction paper sending means and a pin feed paper sending means. CONSTITUTION:A platen 4 and a pin feed roller 8 always move in an interlocking manner by a pulse motor, where the platen 4 moves by 4.23mm. when the motor turns as much as 22 pulses and the pin feed roller 8 moves by 4.23mm. when the motor turns as much as 24 pulses. When sending usual papers 1, the pinch roller 2 is strongly pressed on the platen 4 through the paper by the force of a coil spring 11 by means of a release lever 10 and control is made on paper feeding for one line by a micro switch in such a way that 22 pulses are applied to the motor. In the case of perforated papers, the pinch roller 2 is freed of the platen 4 and 24 pulses are applied to the motor for the paper feeding for one line.




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