Axial air gap induction motor


PURPOSE:To enable to obtain characteristics of different flywheel effects and to shorten the axial size of an induction motor by providing two sets of different rotors in a stator core. CONSTITUTION:A main body of an axial air gap induction motor is composed of a stator winding 11 provided on a stator core 10, a core rotor 12, a shaft 14 press-fitted into the rotor 12, bearings 16, 18, the stator core 10, a core lumped rotor 13, a shaft 15 concentrically provided outside the shaft 14 integral with the rotor 13, and bearings 17, 19. When the winding 11 is energized, different rotary torques are generated at the rotors 12, 13 to rotate the rotors. When either one of the rotors 12, 13 is, for example, mechanically secured in this case, only one rotor can be rotated.




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