Automatic rising and falling device for rubber falling dam


PURPOSE:To miniaturize an automatic rising and falling device, make the action of the device exact, and simplify the installation work of the device by a method in which a water stopper is opened by utilizing the weight of water beyond a falling water level, and water stored in an upper chamber is discharged to expose the lower end opening of an exhaust pipe. CONSTITUTION:When the water level of a dam rises up to a falling water level L, water drops from the water inlet 38 of a lower chamber 3 onto a working plate 5 and stays there, the working plate 5 is lowered by the weight of water, and a lever 7 is turned to remove a water stopper 10. The water in the upper chamber 2 flows out through the drain port 11 of a partition plate 4 and the lower chamber 3 to the drain port 39. When the stored water in the upper chamber 2 is discharged, the lower end opening 36 of the exhaust pipe 35 is exposed, the internal pressure of the rubber bag of the dam is discharged through the exhaust pipe 35 from an air vent tube 30 into the open air, and the rubber dam automatically falls down.




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