Paper feed mechanism of photograph processing system device


PURPOSE: To transfer roll print paper smoothly so that the print paper is not damaged, by installing a loop control part for softening a forcible feed of the print paper and a feed roll part between a squeeze roll and a drying machine. CONSTITUTION: Roll print paper 1 which has received washing treatment in a washing tank 2 is squeezed out its water by a squeeze roll 13 to which the print paper 1 is made to press-contact, and is fed out forcibly. Subsequently, the print paper 1 is made to form a suitable loop constituted of a guide part 14a and a loop holder 14b, and its forcible feed is relaxed. Also, as for a driving fixation roll 16 and a driven fixation roll 17 for feeding it out to a paper guide 10 in a drying machine 3, the roll face forms drum-shaped point press-contact and the feed direction of paper is not forced, therefore, even if the print paper 1 is fed diagonally, its feed direction is corrected easily in the guide 10. Accordingly, the print paper 1 is not damaged but is carried smoothly. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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