Manifold mounting device for fuel cell


PURPOSE:To enable the clamping of stacking direction-mounting collars and enhance the sealing property, by mounting nut members and pressing members so as to correspond to each other in the reverse relation on a pair of mounting collars which are adjacent to each other at the stacking direction-corner part of a battery stack, and by clamping these pressing members by bolts to the corresponding nut members. CONSTITUTION:Several nut members 9 and triangular pressing members 10 having nut holes are previously welded and fixed alternately in vertical direction onto a stacking direction-mounting collar 6, before mounting manifolds 3, 4. These members 9, 10 are desired to be welded over from the mounting collar 6 to the manifold-side wall in order to improve the fixed strength. When mounting the manifolds, each nut member 9 of a pair of mounting collars 6, 6 which are adjacent to each other at the stacking direction-mounting corner part, corresponds to each pressing member in the reverse relation, and a pair of the mounting collars 6, 6 are pressed and brought into contact with each sealing face by screw clamping a bolt 11 into the corresponding nut member 9 through the bolt hole of the pressing member 10.




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