Sense amplifier circuit


PURPOSE:To correct sense sensitivity so as not to be affected with the variation in a threshold voltage of an FET by connecting a static capacitance element between sources of the FETs in cross connection. CONSTITUTION:Each drain and gate of FETs11, 12 of a sense amplifier circuit 10 whose drain is connected respectively to data lines 1 and 2 are in cross connection and sources connected to FETs13-15 for controlling current are connected to a common static capacitance element 16. The capacitance of the element 16 is selected larger than that of the static capacitance of nodes 3, 4 formed by the sources of the FETs11, 12 and a potential difference being a difference of threshold voltages of the FETs11, 12 is impressed to the sources of the FETs11, 12 via the element 16. Then, the potential difference of the signal between the lines 1 and 2 is amplified without the deterioration in the sensitivity because of the effect of the difference between the threshold voltages of the FETs11 and 12 in cross connection. As a result, the correction of the sense amplifier circuit is performed so that the sense sensitivity is not affected by the variance in the threshold voltage of the FET.




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