Control method for automatic clutch


PURPOSE:To control speed change to transmit power with less impact without giving excess load to an engine by slowing down the piston speed in connection with the step-on volume of an accelerator pedal and the gear position in the range of half-clutch. CONSTITUTION:Between the clutch strokes X0 X2 and X3 X1, a piston 31 is moved by controlling the second electromagnetic discharge valve 8b and the transfer speed of the piston 31 is increased as shown by a solid line, while between X2 X3, the transfer speed of the piston is slowed down by controlling the first electromagnetic discharge valve 8a. The time t2 to open the discharge valve 8a is kept constant and the time t1 to close the valve 8a is controlled to regulate the transfer speed of the piston 31. The time t1 to close the first electromagnetic valve 8a is determined by the step-on volume of the accelerator pedal with the gear position as a parameter.




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