Spongy rubber extruded product and manufacture thereof


PURPOSE:To obtain a soft sealed portion having a high expansion ratio and a hard fitting portion on a spongy rubber extruded product by a method in which a vulcanizing skin layer is formed on the sealed surface layer of the spongy rubber extruded product having both sealed portion and fitting portion made of the same rubber compound, heated by micro waves, and then vulcanized. CONSTITUTION:In manufacturing a spongy rubber extruded product having a sealed portion and a fitting portion, each being made of the same rubber compound, by heating by micro waves followed by vulcanization, the surface layer where the sealed portion is to be formed is quickly heated to form a vulcanized skin layer and then heated by micro waves, whereupon the escape of blowing gas produced by the micro waves heating to the outside is prevented and the sealed portion having a higher expansion ratio than that of the fitting portion is obtained. USE:Weather strip, etc., for trunks.




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