Method for controlling air flow rate in combustion chamber of coke oven


PURPOSE: To control the air rate in a combustion chamber of a horizontal chamber oven type coke oven and improve the combustion efficiency, by carrying out the O 2 analysis of O 2 in a waste gas, controlling the opening degree of a damper in a flue to give nearly the prescribed value of O 2 content, and adjusting the draft pressure. CONSTITUTION: The analysis of O 2 in a waste gas is carried out without giving a constant draft pressure in normal combustion other than the changeover of the waste gas flow path, and the draft pressure is finely adjusted by controlling the opening degree of a damper to provide nearly the prescribed O 2 content. EFFECT: An advantage of about 3.0kcal/kg coal per charge of coal is obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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