Remedy for disease of neuropathy


PURPOSE: A drug useful for remedying various kinds of diseases caused by disorder of peripheral nervous system or central nervous system, comprising GQ 1b , etc., molecular kinds of ganglioside as an active ingredient. CONSTITUTION: A drug effective for diseases (e.g., inflammatory neuritis, multiple neuritis, Giran Barrrett syndrome, diabetic or alcoholic neuropathy, facial palsy, etc.) caused by disorder of peripheral nervous system or central nervous system, containing GQ 1b alone or a mixture of GQ 1b and GD 1a or GD 1b among GQ 1b , GD 1a and GD 1b , molecular kinds of ganglioside. Administration can be carried out orally or parenterally, and intramuscular injection, intravenous injection, hypodermic injection, and intra-abdominal injection are preferable. A dose is preferably 0.1W20mg in case of GQ 1b alone, and, when it is blended with GD 1a or GD 1b , 1W10 times, preferably 3W6 times as much Gd 1a or GD 1b as GQ 1b by weight is preferable. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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