Apparatus for removing air bubble of ink jet printer


PURPOSE: To make it possible to miniaturize the titled apparatus, by providing a return ink introducing pipe from a gutter and an air bubble removing ink receiving part connected to the upper end of said pipe and having an air vent opening part and an ink droplet falling small orifice formed thereto in a housing. CONSTITUTION: Return ink containing air bubbles from a gutter reaches an ink receiving tray 24 from an ink introducing needle 4 through an ink introducing pipe 23 and, at this stage, most of air bubbles receive rising force to be floated to the liquid level of the ink. This gathered return ink is fallen as ink droplets from an small orifice 25 but this small orifice 25 inhibits the passage of air bubbles contained therein and almost all of air bubbles are floated in the receiving tray 24 to be released from an air vent cap 26. As mentioned above, only by providing the ink introducing pipe and the air bubble removing ink receiving tray in a housing 22, air bubbles in the return ink can be simply removed and the apparatus can be miniaturized without using mesh. COPYRIGHT: (C)1984,JPO&Japio




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