Amorphous solar battery


PURPOSE:To reduce the production cost of an amorphous solar battery by covering the front surface of a light receiving surface with a light transmission ultraviolet curable resin layer, thereby enhancing the productivity. CONSTITUTION:An amorphous silicon layer 6 of one or more layers of any of P type region, a true region and an N type region is formed suitably with gas such as monosilane, fluorided silicon, hydrogen, phosphine or diborane by CVD glow discharge on a substrate 5 made of stainless steel, ceramic or glass or the like. Then, a transparent conductive layer 7 made or In2O3, SnO2 or the like is formed in a desired pattern to effectively operate as a photovoltaic unit on the layer 6. Subsequently, a light transmissive ultraviolet ray curable resin 9 is covered wider than the profile of the layer 7 on the layer 7 of the prescribed pattern.




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