Hot-water supply device for engine driven air-conditioner


PURPOSE:To perform highly efficient operation, of the captioned device by controlling its output by means of opening adjustment of an intake air throttle valve and an intake air heating bypass duct opening/closing valve. CONSTITUTION:Air conditioning is operated by means of a compressor 2, indoor heat exchanger 4, outdoor heat exchanger 3 and a decompression device 5 driven by means of a gas engine 1. Output of the gas engine 1 is set by means of a gas engine output control circuit 22 correspondingly to the difference between the set indoor temperature or the set hot-water temperature and the actual indoor temperature or the actual hot-water temperature respectively. When an intake air throttle valve 8 is maintained full open and opening of an intake air heating bypass valve 18 is gradually expanded, heat efficiency is heightened because not only the suction loss can be reduced due to rise of the intake air pressure with rise in the temperature of the intake air but also changes of the state among cycles and inequality among cylinders of the engine can be restrained due to bettered air-to-fuel ratio thus ignitability may be improved.




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