Sliding member having self-lubricating properties


PURPOSE:To provide a self-lubricating sliding member which has mechanical strength and low friction, by a method wherein a plurality of nets, each produced by wearing/knitting fine metallic wires and fluoroplastic threads, are superposed on each other to be compressed by high pressure thereon by the use of a mold. CONSTITUTION:A net A, which is produced by wearing or knitting fine metallic wires, and a net B, which is produced by wearing or knitting both fine metallic wires and fluoroplastic threads, are prepared. The nets B alone, or a plurality of combination sheets of the nets A and B are superposed on each other, and after the work is rolled, it is highly pressurized in a mold in the direction, extending along a superposition surface or along the axis of a rolled material, to substantially close meshes to form a self-lubricating member 20. The sliding member 20 is formed such that the fine metallic wires 1d and the fluoroplastic threads 2d are forcibly pressed to be entangled with each other, resulting in an increase in strength and in reduction in friction coefficient.




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