Automatic dialing device


PURPOSE:To record the latest one of telephone numbers transmitted manually in a region which is selected by a selection key with a simple operation. CONSTITUTION:In a queuing mode a key input means 10 supplies the keying state of a key switch 9 through key scanning, and a mode selection means 13 discriminates the closed state of a call key CALL, record switch RECSW, test key TEST and a reoscillation key REDIAL respectively. When the key CALL is closed, a call mode control means 14 is actuated by a signal CALL to set a call mode BSR1. When the switch RECSW is switched on, a record mode control means 15 is actuated by a signal REC to set a record mode BSR2. When the key TEST is closed, a monitor mode BSR3 is set by a signal TEST. While a transfer record mode BSR4 is set by a signal REDIAL when the key REDIAL is closed.




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