Shapes rotary feeder and mixing chamber for pneumatic transporter


PURPOSE:To improve the filling rate by making the shapes of a rotary feeder and mixing chamber such that the adhesion of material to be transported in the inter-vane space is reduced efficiently and upward rotation while holding the material between the vanes is prevented. CONSTITUTION:The material to be transported thrown in through the throw-in port 2 of a rotary feeder is transported sequentially to a discharge port 3 as the rotation of a rotor 10. The rotor 10 is formed such that the bottom face 13 of the inter-vane space 12a of the adjoining vanes 12 will be curved such that the lateral center side of the rotary drive shaft 11 will be lowered gradually. A bent tube 32 having smaller diameter at the downstream side while being bent obliquely upward from lower end of one lateral end of rotor 10 is placed between a pressure air supply tube 30 to be connected to one end of the mixing chamber 20 and the mixing chamber 20, to blow the carrying air flow against the bottom face 13 of the rotor 10. Furthermore the bottom face 21 of the mixing chamber 20 is inclined such that it will be lowered gradually toward downstream from the coupling position of the bent tube 32.




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