Tape cassette


PURPOSE: To facilitate assembling operation by chamfering the corner of the collar part of a T-shaped rotating shaft on which a front cover is supported rotatably. CONSTITUTION: A reel around which a magnetic tape is taken up is supported rotatably and stored in a half case 1 having an opening part in the front surface through which the magnetic tape is exposed, and the front cover 4 is provided to the front surface of the half case 1 so as to open and close the opening part and is supported pivotally on the bearing parts of the case 1 through rotating shafts 5 at both ends. The rotating shafts of the front cover 4 are formed in a T-shape having a collar part 5a, and the corner of the collar part 5a of each rotating shaft 5 which engages the bearing part is chamfered. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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