Vacuum pump


PURPOSE: To obtain clean vacuum and reduce the friction loss of last stage as well as the necessary power of the pump by a method wherein the constitutions of the eddy current compression pump stage as well as the viscous screw type exhaust stage of the final stage are changed in the vacuum pump, whose exhaust port is in atmospheric pressure. CONSTITUTION: The friction loss of an impeller 12A is reduced by rotating a siegbahn molecular pump stage 10, effecting moledular pump effect, a centrifugal compression pump stage 11, effective in a viscous flow area, and the eddy current compression pump stage 12, having the small diametral impeller 12 coaxially. Gas, passed through the centrifugal compression pump stage after passing the driving effect of the molecular pump stage, is compressed by the viscous effect of the viscous screw type exhaust stage, having screw grooves, and is discharged out of the exhaust port 2B. In both of the constitutions, the diameters of the pumps for the final stages may be reduced remarkably and, therefore, the friction loss as well as the necessary power therefore may be reduced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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