Anti-vibration body with liquid


PURPOSE:To obtain an anti-vibration body with liquid having wide anti-vibration range by disposing a valve closing only at the time of large amplitude on an orifice connecting an operating liquid chamber and a balancing liquid chamber, and forming an air-tight room between an outer face of a flexible film and a supporting wall of the balancing liquid chamber. CONSTITUTION:A first balancing liquid chamber 18 of an anti-vibration body with liquid is communicated to an operating liquid chamber 7 by an orifice 10 and a second balancing liquid chamber 19 is communicated by an orifice 20. The orifice 20 is provided with a valve mechanism 24 closing only when the vibration transmitted to an elastic body 5 is large in amplitude. An air-tight room 27 is formed between the lower face of a flexible film 23 and a supporting wall 2 of the second balancing liquid chamber 19. By this construction, proper anti-vibration action corresponding to frequency can be obtained in a wide frequency band by action of the valve mechanism.




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