PURPOSE: To enhance sealing performance by folding the inner circumferential periphery part of the through hole in a gasket member to form a sealing part, and forming a pressure chamber, which is communicated with a clearance provided on the inner side of the folding part, by the curved part of the gasket member. CONSTITUTION: In the through hole 7 of a gasket body 3, by folding the inner circumferential part thereof, the folding part 8 is made to be the sealing part for the through hole 7. The free end part 9 of the folding part 8 is faced to the other end part 10 of the body with a clearance 11, and a curved part 13 is formed so that the top part 12 thereof is brought into close contact with the gasket member 1, and inside the curved part a pressure chamber 14 communicating with the clearance 11 is formed. Thus, the sealing effect of the folding part can be enhanced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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